Our Values

We have been thinking, producing, working and developing for you since 1985.


As a company that offers equal opportunities to all segments with whom we have a business relationship, we do not discriminate in our activities on the basis of age, race, belief, skin color, gender, language, nationality, marital status, sexual orientation, political opinion, disability or religion.

We work to provide and maintain equal opportunities for our employees in a fair business environment.


Integrity and honesty are our primary values ​​in all relations and processes with our Employees, Customers, Suppliers and Shareholders.

Institutional Integrity, Consistency and Impartiality

Yonca Furniture takes a stable stance towards all its stakeholders with whom it is in contact. It supports the business model based on mutual trust with its impartiality, does not discriminate, and avoids prejudiced behavior.


Yonca Furniture, both as a company and its employees, fulfills all the requirements that will enable it to be defined as a “Trusted Company” and “Reliable Person” by all stakeholders it has relations with.


Yonca Furniture transforms quality trade into a company policy by acting with the philosophy of quality employees, quality products, quality earnings.


Yonca Furniture, in the light of development and improvement, uses the latest technologies, adapts it to its field and reaches its users with innovative designs.


Güzelevler, Şht. Jnd. Er Fikret Aslan Cd. No:7 D:2. Blok, 01316 Yüreğir/Adana



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